Akame Ga Kill! - Akame

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If any censors are present on chests, they will be removed when purchased but some "Down Stairs" blurs may not be removed due to the style choice of the sticker.

◯ Perfect for any smooth surface such as desks, skateboard decks, hydro flask, windows, car bumpers, laptops, consoles, and more!

◯ Leaves No Residue when removed

◯ All stickers are available in either glossy or matte finish. Both equal in quality.

◯ If any, all sensors shown on images will be removed when purchased.

◯ Stickers will measure 4 FROM LONGEST SIDE.

◯ Due to screen differences, colors may vary depending on screen quality.

⚫ Shipping Method:

◯ Your order will be shipped in a rigid envelope.

◯ Shipping domestic with USPS.

Q: Why are Glossy stickers pricier than matte stickers?
A: My sticker cutter will not properly detect glossy paper to cut properly so I have to use the extra material to help it as well as extra material to protect the glossy ink from smudging and fading.

Q: How are the stickers measured?
A: Stickers are measured by the longest side.

Q: Do you bulk stickers for groups or companies?
A: I do. Please message me for more details.

Q: Are stickers weatherproof?A: All stickers are waterproof but if you choose "Outside" setting they will be resistant to the suns harmful rays better than the "Indoor" setting.

Q: Are these sold by a third party sticker maker?
A: No. These are all made in my home and shipped from my home in a rigid envelope.

Q: I didn't get my stickers. What now?
A: Message me so we can sort this out.

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